Commercial & Residential Generator Installation in Portland

Generators are fast becoming a household and business owner must have. With extreme weather events hitting Maine, it’s more important than ever to have an option to temporarily restore power to your location. For generator installations in Portland, contact our handy electricians.

Generator in orange and black casing

Safety and Security

Having a generator ensures you and your family is protected when an extreme weather event strikes. Generators help avoid flood damage by keeping your sump pump on, keep your refrigerator and lighting on so you’re not left in the dark or without food, and allow you to charge your cell phones and lifelines to the outside world for emergency use.

Minimize Business Downtimes

Any business that would be significantly harmed by more than a few hours of no electricity is a candidate for a generator. Any company that provides Internet-based services or small businesses like family restaurants, butcher shops and other stores that rely on refrigeration could experience business losses during power outages. Having a backup power source ensures your businesses doesn’t experience this downtime.

What Are Your Options?

There are a few different generator options available to help keeping your home or business operating when there’s a temporary power outage. Our electricians will help determine which generator is best for your needs. You can choose from:

  • Automatic generators: Powered by natural gas, propane or diesel. They are set up to change over to generator power automatically when power is lost. Automatic generators can power your entire building or a predetermined number of electrical circuits.
  • Manual Generators: Started manually and gas needs to be added regularly. They can be set up to power a certain number of circuits in an electrical panel.
  • Generlink systems: Attach to your electrical meter and have a special plug for your manual generator to attach to. This is an easy and convenient way for a homeowner to power any circuit in the electrical panel.

For more information about brands and pricing options, get in touch with our team.